A report on saint francis of assisi

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Annual Report

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St. Francis of Assisi

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In were, it set regulations for discipline, preaching, and tell into the Essay. He always looked upon it as a sentence from God. St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College; St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College. URN: Erdington Road, Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands, WS9 0RN.

Good. Get email alerts when we publish a new report. 28 February Short inspection Short inspection, PDF - 04 April PDF – Published 04 April Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi School! As a mission of the parish, St.

Francis of Assisi Catholic School has been educating and empowering students to help them achieve their educational, social and spiritual goals for over 60 years.

Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi St. Francis is considered a legendary hero and a popular saint.

Annual Report

He was born inthe middle of a time of great increases and expansions in the medieval West, in Assisi, the place where this was strongest. His parents were Pietro and Pica Bernardone.

His father was a. Eight hundred years ago a man from Assisi, Italy, was saving the church from its corruption, clericalism, irrelevance and insincerity by waking people up to a renewed focus on the Gospel. His name was Francesco di Bernardone, but we know him as St.

Francis of Assisi. Today, Francis is the world’s most popular saint and an inspiration to our pope. It is an honor to present the St. Francis of Assisi School progress report for the school year. We hope you find the data interesting and useful. The purpose of the report is to provide important educational data to our students, parents, staff, parish community, and prospective families.

Essay title: Saint Francis of Assisi Throughout history, there have been many people who have been fortunate to obtain title of "saint" from the church. However one such saint, despite his death centuries ago, continues to influence people today through his prayers, good deeds, and notably his establishment of the largest religious orders today, the Franciscans and the Franciscan Nuns, or Poor Clares.4/4(1).

A report on saint francis of assisi
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Saint Francis of Assisi - Research Paper