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Prostitution statistics by country

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HIV Risk Among Persons Who Exchange Sex for Money or Nonmonetary Items

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ShareCompartir Fast Facts The risk of HIV and other sexually intermixed diseases is high among students who exchange sex for making or nonmonetary items.

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Prostitution in the United States

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According to the United Nations, there are approximatelyorphans in the United States alone. There are no statistics that indicate the proportion of orphans who are born of prostitutes; however, it is clear that prostitutes would contribute to that figure.

For instance, statistics on official arrests from the Chicago Police Department from August 19, to May 1,suggest that prostitution activity is highly concentrated: nearly half of all prostitution arrests occur in a tiny one-third of one percent of all blocks in the entire city of Chicago.

Prostitution. Definition. According to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary prostitution is the act or practice of indulging in promiscuous sexual relationships in exchange for money (1).

Statistics. General Facts. Inthe United Nations adopted a resolution in favor of the decriminalization of prostitution, which has been ratified by fifty countries (3). The term “people who exchange sex for money or nonmonetary items” (hereinafter referred to as “people who exchange sex”) includes a broad range of persons who trade sex for income or other items including food, drugs, medicine, and shelter.

Here are some statistics and facts about prostitution worldwide. All sources about the prostitution statistics, as well as additional information on the prostitution industry worldwide, is available in our ebook, Prostitution: Prices and Statistics of the Global Sex Trade.

Prostitution involves unwanted sex, which is itself a form violence, and the punter requires the woman to pretend that she is enjoying it, even if she finds it physically and emotionally repulsive. This is a form of psychological violence. But punters and pimps are often also physically violent.

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Statistics on prostitution
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